Saturday, 26 September 2015

Last Session Harvest Party Celebration….and Tasting of Fire Cider!!!

Thank you all for coming in such a large number and bringing a wonderful sharing mood, a huge Reishi mushroom, unknown herbs (to us) from Portugal and a lovely warm banana cake - yum - and many more foodie goodies.

We tasted Meadowsweet tincture (the vodka gave us a good kick), and dug up the famous Fire Cider!

It was very surprising because the fire cider tasted very different from how it smelled.

A nice warming spicy throat experience, but the smell was - mmmh - hard to describe…..some mentioned gherkin water…..
We were wondering if the smell came largely from the horseradish root that was in there?!?

The Curve garden will leave mounted photographs of our sessions and workshops exhibited in the garden (Herbal Health Bar, large greenhouse, toilets!) up for another couple of weeks, so have a look in case you are around, you might be featured.

We hope you had a such a lovely time as we had, and will be in touch soon about more events we are planning.

Autumn colour greetings from the Gone Wild Herbs Collectivexx


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