Here is a resource page with recipes and instructions that we use at home and have used during our sessions and workshops.

Most of these are in word document format uploaded into google docs for you to look at and download.
Just click on the link.

Herbal Spring Tonics (includes Iron Tonic, Spring Tonic Tea and Vinegar)
Making Infused Oils, Balms, Ointments (really this is a recipe for a cold infused (or macerated) oil, and a guideline how to make balms and ointments)
How to Make and Ointment/Balm (another general instruction manual for making an ointment)
How to Make a Scented Spray
Introduction to Infused Oils (a basic overview of what they are and the different methods to make them)
An Introduction to Essential Oils (what they are and properties of the most commonly used ones)
An Introduction to Flower Essences (includes Bach and Australian flower essences)
Herbal Cream Recipe (Daisy, St. John's Wort, and Calendula/Marigold Cream, but you can take this as a basic cream recipe and just exchange the herbs)
Properties of common herbs used in skin ointments (Calendula/Marigold, Chamomile, Comfrey, Rosemary)
Comfrey & Rosemary Ointment (a warming, healing & protective balm for rough/dry skin, sore muscles & joints and any old sores and wounds)
Calendula & Chamomile Ointment (a soothing and healing skin balm for dry skin, inflammation & irritation)

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