Community Medicine Hands

Inspired by the energy of our connections in our community with people wanting to learn about plant medicine - finding it, growing it, preparing it and using it - we have formed a local collective of folks to be Community Herbal Hands. We have started doing foraging expeditions to local wild places to explore together what seasonal plant medicines we have around us in abundance; to practice respectful harvesting as part of our local ecosystems; to share skills together in making medicines with these plants; and to offer these medicines to those who might find support from them in our communities. 
Check on this page for regular updates about our activities and our development of the circles and networks between people and plants that we envision arising from this project. We will also post recipes and information about the plants and medicines that we make - part of the aim is to grow our collective knowledge. 
If you want to be part of our group, get in touch by email -, or call Rasheeqa on 07784 50694

Spring 2017 activities!

Hawthorn time - we are drying the flowers and leaves for teas, for sweet tasting herbal blends and as a gentle heart remedy

May 2017 on Walthamstow Marshes - pink-tinged blossoms on the right hand side!

Earth Day Plant Sale at The Mill, Walthamstow, London in April
We had a lot of interest in the medicines: Nettle iron tonic and spring mineral vinegar with Nettles & Cleavers and sold all except one!

We've also gathered a wider group of interested folk and more people are coming out for the harvesting...

Medicines to be available at:
Spring 2017: Seasonal tonics - £3 for a 200ml bottle
Iron Tonic with Stinging Nettle, red wine, dried unsulphured apricots, dried bitter orange peel. Chop up freshly-gathered Nettles, apricots and orange peel and loosely pack into a large jar. Pour over red wine until all the plant material is fully covered and below the surface of the liquid. Cover, label with date and ingredients and leave in a warm dark place for 2-3 weeks. After this time strain the liquid into a dark glass bottle, label again and keep in the cupboard. Take 2-3 large spoonfuls a day for a nourishing iron boost.
note: this remedy contains alcohol

Spring Mineral Vinegar with Cleavers and Stinging Nettles, apple cider vinegar
As above, chop up your fresh plant material, pack loosely into a jar, and cover with apple cider vinegar. This time leave for a month then strain out. Store in a bottle away from direct sunlight. This is a delicious tangy mineral-rich vinegar you can take as a nutritional addition - 3 teaspoons a day - or add to salad dressings or other food. Cider vinegar has its own healthful benefits as an anti-inflammatory and digestive stimulant - this medicine will be particularly supportive to your bones and joint health.

Nettles and Cleavers, as well as Dandelion leaves and Chickweed, are spring green foods, high in nourishing vitamins and minerals as we come out of the winter. Eat them regularly from March to May! 


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