Goethean Plant Studies

A Goethean plant study is derived from Goethean science, which was proposed by the German poet, natural philosopher, and naturalist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832).

He advocated a phenomenological approach to studying the natural world, which involved observing plants in context of their environment, sitting with the plant and observing them closely and our relationship to them, for example how we feel and feel about them, and they, possibly, about us.

In our plant study over the summer we looked at Echinacea, which was in flower in the Curve garden.
We observed it together and shared our experiences. We also drew the plant with closed eyes, from memory, and how we perceived its character or energy to be like.

There are many other aspects to a Goethean plant study which can last to studying a plant or herb in depth over the length of a year or a lifetime!
Herb tastings and bodily or movement impersonations can also constitute part of the study.

These were our results.

Discussing findings
Drawing results (Echinacea)
Sharing experiences results
More drawings
Rasheeqa guiding the session
More energy and closed eyes drawings

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